The Switzerland of the Orient - Lake Bulusan

Sorsogon is packed with activities and scenic spots that cater to tourists from different walks of life. It was made more famous when tourists were allowed to swim with the whale sharks, locally know as butanding. Sorsogon is also home to other natural wonders including Bulusan Lake, a lake formed by tectonic damming  surrounding Mt. Bulusan, and is known as the "Switzerland of the Oreint."
Why Switzerland of the Oreint? you may probably ask. Although it is way too far from the Alps and mountain caps of Switzerland, the very reason probably is its natural beauty and cool temperature that captured the hearts of the locals and tourists, including the endemic species of fresh water fish, birds and mammals that chose the completely surrounded tropical rainforest of the lake as their habitat. 
The lake's water is also greenish with a rocky and sandy waterbed. Perfect for kayaking and a great picture backdrop.
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