Hidden Valley Spring - Laguna

Believed to have been formed by volcanic tremor thousands of years ago, the word HIDDEN is a perfect fit to Laguna's Hidden Valley Spring. Why is that so? It's because the location is just in the middle of a thick forest separating both famous mountains of Makiling and Banahaw. 
Hidden Valley Spring is a nature lover haven surrounded by century old trees, wild orchids, giant ferns, and hidden waterfalls to name a few. Waterfalls? How about at least six waterfalls naturally heated by volcanic waters? Sounds good, right? It covers an area of 110 hectares in a 300 feet deep crater which is locally preserved and protected. What are you waiting for? Visit one of Philippines tropical paradise and experience things far beyond imagining.
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  1. nice post. i want to visit laguna soon.

  2. Wow ang Ganda! Nice shot too! I love nature trips, sana makapunta din ako dyan.. Thanks for this post! ;-)

  3. I was in Laguna for 5 years. I studied in UPLB but I haven't been in this place. Is it near LB?

  4. Wow, this place looks so beautiful! I've been to Laguna for a couple of times, but I haven't been to this wonderful spring yet. Hopefully I get to visit Laguna's Hidden Valley Spring some time soon.. :)

  5. ow, i have been here with hubby 6 years ago.sadly i never had pictures taken here .ang ganda ng place.

  6. @ Eccentric, Laguna is waiting for you. Bring your friends too to make your vacation a total blast.

    @ Violy, HVS is a nice fit for nature lovers. More fun there!

    @ KC, so sorry but not sure if it's near LB. :)

    @ Sumi, please do. I'm sure you gonna love it!

    @ tatess, perhaps next time if you and your hubby will visit it again, you camera should be handy na talaga :)

  7. ganda!!!! visit ko to pag bakasyon namin!!! God willing!:) Thanks! From Gemma of My Dailies