Imugan Falls - Nueva Viscaya

Nueva Viscaya may not be a first choice travel destination for locals and international tourists. However, don't underestimate the place just because it's not that popular compared to Boracay, Palawan, and other well known provinces in the country. Just like those, Nueva Viscaya is a place for adventure seekers and to those who simply want to relax and unwind. And on top of that, its natural attractions are not yet negatively tampered by mass tourism.
Standing majestically in the town of Sante Fe at 35 feet in height, Nueva Viscaya boasts its famous waterfall known to many as Imugan Falls. The water flows between two mountains, cascading down the Imugan River below. To get to the falls, one must take a 30 minute or so jeepney ride or seven kilometres of unpaved road from the national highway, and a kilometre or so hike from the Imugan Proper.
Imugan Falls and its surrounding area shows the abundant display of natural beauty. Such an enthralling fountain like sanctuary perfect for the weary souls. From the sound of the stream water flowing while hitting the rocks to the chirping of the birds and other animals nearby - who would not want to go back? 
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