Surigao: City of Island Adventure

There was a time when Surigao City, provincial capital of Surigao del Norte, was simply known for its vast nickel deposits, the most abundant in Asia. But beyond its abundant mineral deposits in the mountain's bosom, Surigao is a virtual minefield of natural wonders which have been overshadowed by its once-vibrant mining industry.
Dubbed "The City of Island Adventures," no city in the Philippines, and maybe the world, is so archipelagic as this urban center situated at the northeastern head of Mindanao. Known during the Spanish era as the port village of Banahao, Surigao became a town in 1751 and proclaimed a city on August 30, 1970.
According to Mayor Ernesto Matugas, the 42-year-old city takes pride in its merry mix of heritage, natural and island destinations that make it a tourism hub in the Caraga region.
The city has the unique characteristic of having 21 of its barangays located in 17 charming islands scattered across the historic Surigao Strait. For beach bums and true blue adventurers, Surigao is virtually an island paradise 20 times over with pockets of coves and crystal-clear water here and there.
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