The long and winding water of Agno River

Agno River is the fifth largest river in the Philippines and the third largest in the island of Luzon next to Cagayan River and Pampanga River. It is 206 kilometres long originating from the Cordillera Mountains before meeting the South China Sea in the process, making it a watershed cradle of the north. In terms of water discharge that drains around 6.6 cubic kilometres of fresh water into Lingayen Gulf, Agno River is also the Philippines largest, running through canyons and mountainous terrain.

Although the catchment of the river is now deforested, its catchment according to Spanish explorers during the 16th century was an extensive marshland covered with mangroves and nipa palm trees. It was a great habitat for marshland wildlife species along with other animals in the area.
As human beings responsible for its deforestation, we too are responsible for bringing back Agno River catchment to its original glory. May we preserve this great river by planting new trees, plants, and stop illegal activities, if there are, once and for all.
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