Santa Monica Church - Panay, Capiz

Century old houses in Vigan and the occasional sightings of a kalesa in towns and cities across the country, it is no wonder Spanish still has a strong connection to Filipinos. As a former Spanish colony, the Philippines is a haven of old houses and buildings that dates back during their era. It was also the time they Christianized almost the entire archipelago building churches and cathedrals here and there.
Our stop today is Capiz, a province in the central Philippines specifically in the Visayan region. It is home to a three century old church known to many as Sta. Monica Parish Church that houses the biggest bell in Asia which is also the second biggest in the world. This church is a clear testament of the first Christian faith of the island of Panay. 
The gospel was first proclaimed in 1566 by then Fr. Martin de Rada, O.S.A. Today, Panay is considered a Heritage Capital of Capiz because of its rich history and the amazing culture that defines it. 

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  1. Thanks, Sir Enzo. Please visit regularly..

  2. I've never been to Capiz but the photograph of the old church you just showed sort of encouraged me to visit the place some time :)

  3. Pretty as a postcard! If only I had tons of money, I wanna go to all the old churches in the country and take photos. :)

  4. sarap mag field trip mga churches esp pag maundy thursdays (holy week) post ka pa old churches nice niche!:)

  5. Another historic spot in the Philippines. I want to include this in my list when I'll be going to the Philippines but it's in Visayas. I'm not quite sure if I could go there. Let's see!



  6. i love old churches...everytime we go to a new town or province, we never fail to visit its church.