Katanyagan Falls - Masbate

Google Katanyagan Falls found in Masbate as one of its beautiful natural attractions and a waterfall for that matter yet you will find very few articles written about it. More often, only pictures are coming out of the search results with not much text or information available.
Well, let's explore Masbate a bit, shall we? This province located in the Bicol Region is home to the largest flat-bodied giant mantas found mostly in the tropics. They have boneless skeleton made from elastic yet tough substance. It also houses the Katanyagan Falls (sometimes spells with a "C"), one of its most alluring sites with a 60 foot vertical drop. The water cascades down, falling freely to the water below, while hitting smooth rock bed along the way. It can be accessed by boat and is only an hour ride from the provincial capital. Not so much of a ride, yeah?
Start packing your things and fly to Masbate, NOW!
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  1. For me, this is one of the best tourist attraction in the Philippines. --STEVE

  2. wow!! i have never been to Masbate. Our country indeed has a lot of beautiful spots to boast! thanks for sharing, John!

  3. Love the post. This is going to be one of the attractions my boyfriend and I will definitely put on our list.

  4. Another Philippine Spot to be proud of! thanks for sharing :) really more fun in the Philippines

  5. wow falls!!! ang ganda... di pa ako nakarating sa masbate.. hope to explore the place soon!! ;)

  6. I haven't been to Masbate yet, but your post makes me want to plan a trip asap! thank you for sharing this post :)