Nature Village Resort in Bacolod goes global

One of the resorts in the Visayan region proved the world that world-class tourism can be achieved whilst keeping itself friendly to the environment and not harming the nature one way or another. 
Photo lifted from Yahoo Philippines
Agoda, an internationally renowned booking website, named Nature's Village Resort in Bacolod as one of the world's top ten eco-friendly hotels this year.

Although it secured only four stars out of five in the website's ranking system basing the count on customer reviews, it ranked highest in terms of food and hotel cleanliness. 

In 2010, the hotel received the "ASEAN Green Star Hotel Award", making the  this year its second international recognition.

Agoda chief executive Robert Rosenstein was quoted in reports as saying, "Hotels that once considered 'eco-friendly' to mean a small environmental footprint and conservation of resources are now taking things a step further..."

And that's exactly what Nature's Village Resort is doing. Pretty sure Bacolodians can't be more proud this time.
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  1. Your post was simple ye worth visiting and for me this can be one of the best resort in Philippines. Hope to visit this village resorts soon. Thanks.