Alona Beach - Bohol

Alona Beach in the province of Bohol may be small. But the stretch of its fine and white sandy beach with coconut trees as your shade, excellent diving sites, and breathtaking beautiful blue waters will leave a lasting impression that you just happened to be standing in one of the Philippine's treasures.
Quickly becoming one of the Philippine's sought after travel destinations, Alona Beach should be included in your Bohol itinerary. After visiting the famous Chocolate Hills and the small but terrible tarsier, why not relax and have fun in the one and a half kilometre beach of this paradise gift we call Alona?
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  1. Bohol,... Naku I've been holding off going to Bohol.. This holy week nanaman sana kaso something came up again.. Tsk Tsk Tsk.. Should see bohol soon!! Can't wait to take good photos too... ;)

  2. Amen, I love Alona Beach too. Nearby Bohol Beach Club is also good. Actually, the beach is wider there. :)

  3. Good Post!!

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