Marlboro Hills - Batanes

Standing on the summit of a pastureland known as the Marlboro Hills in Batanes while overlooking the Pacific Ocean and sometimes sightings of animals that roam freely in the wild is truly an experience worth remembering. More so, the wind that blows to your face signifies that you are not dreaming even for the most part, your brain tells you that everything is surreal. 
Marlboro country is a photographer's perfect backdrop of nature. The greenery, the cool breeze from the sea, and the picturesque view of the place in its entirety - what else would you want to see? They simply complete the package to simply put it. And when in there I'm guessing that a simple "WOW" might probably not suffice. Word of advice: Think of a phrase that is stronger than that.
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  1. Waahh!!! YOu went to Batanes I envy you! It my dream place. I also want to wear their traditional "head dress" (I forgot the name) and meet the oldest man living in this islands. :))

    Edmaration, etc

  2. ito ang paradise....GRABE ANG GANDA!