Malapascua Island - Cebu

You probably wonder as to why this island was named Malapascua island. Legend has it during the 1500's, a group of Spaniards first landed on the island one stormy Christmas Day. In native Cebuano, malapascua means "Bad Christmas" - and so the island was named that way.  Stormy Christmas is sure not good Christmas. Perfect fit, right?
But don't make the legend ruin your travel because the island of Malapascua is known for its white sandy beach, excellent diving spots, and the amazing formations of its garden corals where thresher sharks and manta rays are regular visitors. Compared to Boracay, Malapascua is not yet spoiled by mass tourism. It still as pristine as it was before and won't lag behind other well known islands or beaches in the country in terms of beauty and naturality. So if you happen to be in the Philippines, check it out and expect to be amazed!

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