Baragatan Festival 2013

"Baragatan Festival" may not ring bell for most folks out there because we are accustomed of hearing only the few yet famous festivals in the Philippines like Sinulog, Ati-atihan, Dinagyang, etc. But unlike those mentioned festivals primarily based on religion lasting for a few days, Baragatan is merely a convergence or get together of people from different municipalities, bringing their music, dances, and present these aspect of life through cultural shows, street dancing, parade, and trade shows. It kicks off every 1st of June and continues the whole month. Yes, the whole month!
If I'm not mistaken, Baragatan started when I was in high school. So that's about 15 years or so ago. Anyway, Baragatan came from the word "Bagat" a local dialect in the municipality of Cuyo which means convergence or get together.

Since Palawan is celebrating Baragatan, let's welcome them and pray for the success of the fascinating cultures of each municipality converging this month.

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