Philippines - A new hotspot for lovers

Aside from awards and recognitions the Philippines are getting, the archipelagic country and known as the "Pearl of the Oreint" is also becoming a hotspot and a favourite destination for lovers.
All the world loves a lover, but apparently lovers are loving the Philippines more and more, Tourism Secretary Ramon Jimenez in ANC's Headstart.

Aside from all the laughter, the humor, the food, romance is very much a part of our offer, adding that Japanese, Koreans and Europeans are among the most attracted to Pinoy's romantic side.

Most tourists are only for short visit, but others are making it more memorable by getting married in the Philippines. 

"It started with Filipinos getting married there; now you have foreigners getting married in the Philippines," he added. The top choice - BORACAY!

Are Filipinos homeless romantic? I guess so. We cry at movies and scenes that are heavy. We always want to hold our partners hands. Will open doors for our lady/man. We even keep the ticket stub from the first date movie, or the receipt from the first restaurant visit together. Why's that? Because sentimental things mean so much to us and we like it that way.

Here's the 16-second ad campaign of DOT featuring real couple to make it more appealing. It's more fun in the Philippines, eh?

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