Jollibee - Filipino delight

McDonald's, KFC and other American fast food chains aren't only big in America. These chains made most of the countries in Europe and in Asia their foothold, including the Philippines. They've been enjoying major success and popularity with branches sprouting up fast in major cities in the archipelago.
Although many Filipinos are in deep trouble getting out from the depths of colonialism, we are still fortunate because the number one fast food chain in the country is Jollibee, a Filipino restaurant that started from humble beginnings in 1975, originally selling ice-cream, sandwiches and hot meals. To date, Jollibee has a total of 2,510 stores operating worldwide with recipes that match the definitely Filipino flavour.

Chickenjoy, yumburger, spaghetti and palabok are among the most ordered products of Jollibee. And whilst writing this, I made up my mind that it will be the first restaurant I'll visit once I arrive in the Philippines. "Dahil sa Jollibee, beeda ang sarap."
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