The Garden of Adams

The Bible tells us of the Garden of Eden created by God to the first people on the planet known as Adam and Eve. But up to this day historians and other scholars have different views whether its present day location is in the north of Iraq or somewhere in Lebanon. Although it was described in the Bible as a well-watered and fruitful paradise, I still wonder what the Garden of Eden when it was created really looked like.
Does the Garden of Eden have anything to do with the Philippines? Technically, it doesn't. But try to add "s" to the name of the first man in the biblical times and we will get a hit of a town in the north of the archipelago better known as "Adams."
The town of Adams is located in Ilocos Norte gifted with paradise-like view. If you're in for mountain climbing, gear up and climb Mt. Magnas and Pica Loro in the morning to catch the astonishing sunrise as it unfolds right before your eyes. If you're in for trekking with water kissing your feet, then the cool water of Anuplig Falls completes the picture. And on your way back you may want to submerge yourself in the turquoise water of Bolu River where locals fish along the banks; not to mention the ancient-looking hanging bridges from one town to another that locals traverse everyday. With all those things mentioned I think Adams is undeniably a paradise in its own right.
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  1. Ilocos Norte has been on my wishlist for places to visit but has been elusive and here's another reason to be more persistent with my plans to visit Ilocos Norte.