Pampanga Food Trip: List of Kapampangan Signature Dishes

If you intend to satisfy your taste buds, visiting Pampanga Philippines should be on your top list. Pampanga did not earn the name "Culinary Capital of the Philippines" just for nothing. Throughout the years, they have nurtured and proven their worth, which makes Pampanga food trip popular among tourists. Not to mention how Kapampangans served their unique and exclusive signature dishes, they surely have captured the heart and stomach of every tourist and even locals. Have you ever tried exotic dishes? Pampanga is also known to serve delicious exotic foods, which makes you crave for more. And if you want to explore Pampanga more, then you should try these Kapampangan Signature Dishes.

  1. Morcon (Stuffed meat rolls)
Kapampangans have two versions of morcon. For some locals, they cook morcon with thinly sliced beef stuffed with El Rey's chorizo e bilbao, Vienna sausage, eggs, carrots and pickles, simmered for hours in rich tomato sauce. While others would prefer their morcon cooked with a combination of ground beef and ground pork that are mixed with chorizo de bilbao and all other common ingredients wrapped in sinsal and simmered in a flavorful thick sauce.

  1. Batute Tugak (Stuffed Frogs)
From the name itself stuffed frogs where locals use frogs as the main ingredient. Frogs are stuffed with seasoned ground beef and deep friend. No need to worry, since frogs are not poisonous.

  1. Pindang Kalabaw (Carabao's meat)
The pindang kalabaw is cooked in a little water with some cooking oil. Locals make sure that the meat of the carabao is tender and its fat should come out. This dish is best paired with lots of steaming hot rice, tomatoes, and sukang sasa on a serving plate.

  1. Camaru (Mole Crickets)
Camaru is another Kapampangan exotic dish. The crickets are cooked through an adobo style and deep fried with tomatoes and onions. This gives you a delectable place of insects.

  1. Sisig
Sisig is originated in Aling Lucing's and Mila's kitchen. This dish widely known as a fatty sizzling pork bits served in a hot place. This dish is usually combined with chicken liver and pig brains.

  1. Taba ng Talangka
Taba ng Talangka is a dish made of a pure fat from tiny crabs. This dish is cooked through sautéed in lots of garlic then squeezed with some calamansi mixed with hot steaming rice.

  1. Bringhe
Bringhe is made with malagkit (glutinous) rice with half regular rice. The rice is usually combined with coconut milk and luyang dilaw (turmeric) which is responsible for the yellow color of the dish.

  1. Balo balo
Balo balo is a fermented rice with fresh live shrimp suahe, sautéed in garlic and loads of tomatoes. This is best served with fresh mustard leaves, grilled talong (eggplant) and grilled or friend hito.

By: Glenn Domingo

About the Author: Glenn Domingo is a traveler who loves to experience the uniqueness of different places here in the Philippines. He's also passionate of writing different articles about the travels that he has gone thru to share how beautiful our country was. He is currently writing for Alviera.
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