Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery

Built in 1845 by a Franciscan priest Father Vicente Velloc, the Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery found in Nagcarlan, Laguna is the only one of its kind in the entire Philippine archipelago. It is located beneath the church of the same name and was originally designed for funeral masses.
Flight of stairs 15 feet below the church is a graveyard leading to the oldest tomb dated 1886. Its underground crypt was used by "Katipuneros" or Filipino revolutionaries  as their secret meeting spot during their war against the Spanish forces in 1896. The church is no longer operational but special events such as the presentation of Christ's last day during the Lent, masses during the Holy Week, and the celebration or Feast of Christ the King are held here.
Names of the people who were buried here may not ring a bell. But paying respect and tribute to those who lost their lives for the benefit of our people is perhaps tantamount to "Thank you". 
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