Bomod-ok Falls - Sagada

In the past, Sagada's road were not yet paved and people endured the long and dusty dirt in order to get to some of its interesting sites like Bomod-ok Falls (big falls). Fortunately today, the road going to the falls is paved with regular trips everyday. It's good to know that the burden of hiking just to see this spectacular creation has somewhat been alleviated. 
Just like the Bokong Falls (small falls), Bomod-ok's water is freezing even under the heat of the scorching sun. Its swimming lagoon-like area below was like created for those who simply want to swim or for those wishing to challenge its mighty current. And even if you stay underwater for a few seconds, you will still feel the water constantly spraying you like there is no tomorrow. Bomod-ok is a falls that literally threatens to take a person down by its strong current, yet majestic in all its simplicity.
Check out Bokong Falls (small falls) HERE.
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  1. i've always adored water falls but all i've seen are those here in cebu and i hope i can go to sagada someday.