Bellaroca Island - Marinduque

Beyond the seaside cliffs with Moriones as its most popular festival during the lent, Marinduque is also home to one of the Philippine's newest paradise haven - the Bellaroca Island. If you want to experience a Mediterranean style architecture without having to endure the long distance trip to Greece, then the Bellaroca is a place for you.
The Bellaroca sets itself apart from other high-end resorts in the Philippines. With its comfortable and state of the art amenities, activities, and privacy rolled into one, this resort is simply far beyond amazing. It offers an incredible view of the crystal-clear water below and is surrounded by breathtaking azure sky above. Again, why go to Greece if we have this Santorini-inspired architecture within the borders of this gifted paradise we call Philippines?

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  1. one of my dream resort, it's beautiful but expensive. followed your blog, from FBW. =)