Magalawa Island - Zambales

Magalawa is an island in the province of Zambales. It is surrounded by the vastness of the South China Sea and is blessed with naturally beautiful beaches. It is also an ideal place if you want to commune with nature.
For occasional beach goers, this island may not ring a bell compared to Potipot Island, also in Zambales. It still falls in the category "on-the-rise" tourist attraction. But don't be disappointed. This island is a perfect getaway for swimming. Its pristine clear waters with its creamy white sandy beaches will leave a lasting impression and will make your holiday worth remembering. As you have noticed, the photos say it all!
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  1. I love the photos and the write ups you do here in this post.

    Thanks for this!

  2. I've never been that part of the country,, but seeing your post and the photos made me want to visit it...It's kind of remote right... so its peace and quiet... good thing for relaxing... Nice blog... Keep promoting our Lovely Philippines!

    Eigroj Stain

  3. I love love love this site!!!!! Just followed!!:)

  4. I want to go here...!! nice place..!! =)