Mount Mayon

Towering at 2,462 meters (8,077 ft), Mount Mayon or simply Mayon Volcano is the Philippines most active stratovolcano and is a landmark of the province of Albay. Its almost symmetric cone shape is its best feature - making the province known and the entire archipelago in the world. Others who witnessed the amazing naturality of its shape claimed that Mayon is the only volcano with a perfect cone shape left on earth. Legend has it that local used to call it "Bulkang Mayon" named after their heroine Daragang Magayon, which again means "Lady Beautiful or Beautiful lady". Make sense, right?
Mount Mayon has undergone forty-nine eruptions in recorded history and the first recorded eruption transpired in 1616. But the most destructive and deadliest eruption which buried the entire town of Cagsawa and took 2,200 lives happened in 1814. Despite the dangers of this volcano, many are still fond of climbing it especially mountaineers. And again, because of its perfect cone shape like no other, influx of tourists is still rising. 
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