Mount Apo

Saying that Mount Apo as the highest mountain in the Philippines wouldn't raise eyebrows from the others. It wouldn't even let you receive threat from mountaineers or trekkers because I'm sure that they will agree since most Filipinos have already been informed as early as kinder or grade school. If they disagree, show them your social studies book :)
Mount Apo, located in Davao, is a towering body of land that stands at 10,311 feet above sea level.  It is a real challenge to conquer especially to mountaineering enthusiast. But lo and behold, don't think that this is just nothing but steep trails and difficult slopes. Along the way, you will see exotic spectacle of nature, with rainwater lakes, streams, geysers, and cascading waterfalls to name a few. And at the summit? How about the sea of clouds?
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