Surfing in Siargao

The Philippines may still not be as popular surfing site like Hawaii, South Africa, or Bali but it definitely comes close and is making its name in the world surfing scene. Dubbed as "The Surfing Capital of the Philippines" Siarago receives a handful of tourists than any other nearby islands or other surfing sites in the country.  In fact this is the only province i know where waves are good enough to do just like in the photos.The annual surfing competition in September makes it an ideal destination for lovers of this game not just local tourists but even international fanatics as well.
It also has the reputation of being a cheap surfing destination not just for accommodation and/or restaurants - but even for bars so you can party all night whilst drinking booze after the long and tiring day with the waves.
That doesn't end there. With so many high waves that are really tempting, there is one they call Cloud 9 which is the only wave that can easily be accessed without the help of a boat and is the most famous among all waves. Can't believe waves do have names lol but it definitely sounds good... And of course, Siargao Island as a whole holds the largest mangrove forest reserves in Mindanao according to wiki. How's that?
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